Wednesday: Work I Admire:

I just stumbled into a wealth of inspiration and information at

(And then I read that sentence back and realized it sounds super spammy. But this post is not spam, I assure you, and they’re not paying me anything to promote their website. I honestly just found it and wanted to share.)

Start here, with this post featuring 10 contemporary embroidery artists, and then I dare you to try not to fall down the rabbit hole admiring all of the stitchy amazingness that is available throughout the site.

These artists’ work make my little stitchy fumblings look paltry.

I mailed a commissioned piece off to its owner this morning; can’t wait for her to receive it so that I can post it here. In the meantime, I’m just fooling about with pieces of felt and leftover floss, playing and adding to this silly piece:


What are you working on? 


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