Complete Lack of Focus

I basically have crafting ADD. I suspect that a lot of creative types have this problem, but I have SO many more ideas than I have the time, money, and energy required to invest in making them a reality. Most often, it’s not even the time and money and energy deficits setting me back, though; it’s the lack of focus. I start one project after another until I have various projects at various stages of incompletion and a million and one NEW ideas in my head that I WANT to start on, but can’t in good conscience give time or serious thought to until I finish SOMETHING, ANYTHING that I’ve already started.

I feel like Wembley from Fraggle Rock.Β Does anyone remember Wembley–the character with the Gonzo-esque nose, only yellow colored? He always wore a Hawaiian shirt. I remember countless scenes from that show where Wembley would have such a difficult time making a decision; he’d be pulled in two or more different directions and stand there agonizing, chanting, “Or maybe…or maybe…or maybe…!” until steam started to roll out of his ears from his brain’s engine overheating and he’d just collapse onto the ground in a helpless, defeated pile of crazy Wembley.

I’m a craft Wembley. (Come to think of it, ALL of the characters from Fraggle Rock would make awesome hoop pieces, using some felt applique and blanket stitches… That would be a great series.)


Oh yeah. Inability to focus.

So today I want to share yet another work in progress, my gigantic butterfly cross stitch. I will very likely never finish this one:

butterfly cross stitch

I do work on the butterfly fairly regularly, though. It’s just so damn huge. I don’t know how other people go about large cross stitch projects, but I can only stitch with one color for so long before I get bored. I can’t bear to work across row by row without skipping around. Does anyone do that? So as you can tell from the photo, the black was really bumming me out, so I had to dive into that amazing blue for a bit. Ahhh…that’s better.

On an unrelated note, stitching outside is nice in the summer. πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Complete Lack of Focus

  1. Craft ADD is such a good term .. I also have heaps of ideas flowing around, but same as you, can’t start a new one until I finish the previous one because my financial conscience takes over haha!
    In regards to stitching large projects, I agree, it can be a total bum out stitching a large area with the same colour. I persevere though, because I don’t want to ever see that colour again (dramatic much?!), and I dont wan’t to skip around too much and miss a couple of squares .. I’d hate to have to go back and fix up an error. To break things up I stitch a couple of small ones on the side (which takes the wings outta my theory of finishing one project before another!) … And so the story goes.
    Persevere with your butterfly I think, it’ll be so satisfying once completed. Good luck!

  2. I think I finish projects faster when I have multiple things going at once – it keeps me from getting bored. I also read two or three books at once, so I can pick up what I feel like reading at that given moment. Maybe I have craft ADD as well, but a good rationalization gets me through the day. Craft on!

  3. I remember Wembly! And, I’m totally on the same page in regards to crafting…right down to getting bored when I have to stitch the same color too long.

  4. i remember Wembley ….your butterfly already looks good … i avoid large projects …just don’t think i would have the stamina to do them … and would probably get bored with it … the only way i think i would manage is stitch for a short time everyday … 10 min at lunchtime …u dont feel it then and would be surprised how quickly it grows

  5. Omg!! You made my day. I am 35 and do crafts. I LOVE your no-hold-back attitude!! I was ROTFLOL!! So funny and refreshing.

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