Wip it; Wip it Real Good.

I made a list of all of the embroidery/cross stitch projects I have in progress: everything from almost finished pieces, to errant patterns that I’ve traced onto fabric or tracing paper and keep meaning to start. I have a plan to finish them all! Okay, so it isn’t much of a plan, really, it’s just a determination to nominate one at a time to work on and give myself a month in which to finally finish it for good and forever.

This way, I can still start other projects and not feel guilty. So for example, during the rest of July, I’ll work on whatever projects I want, but alongside whatever else I’m doing, I’m going to commit to finishing the Ruth Bader Ginsburg portrait. My self-imposed deadline for finishing that piece is the end of July. If I finish before the end of July–that’s just awesome–I’ll start in on one of the other wip’s, and the deadline for finishing that one will be the end of August. And so on.

Here they are, in all their unfinished glory:

wip collage

Theoretically, I’ll have all of these projects finished within the next fifteen months, although I feel that if I really put it in gear, I can finish them all sooner than that. Wish me luck! 🙂

p.s. I should probably admit that these are only my EMBROIDERY wip’s. I’m not even thinking about all the random sewing and quilting projects I’ve got in the pipeline. Those will just have to wait their turn. Ha!


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