Destashing is hard, people.

I used to scrapbook; therefore, I used to hoard scrapbooking supplies. Now, when I say “used to,” what I mean is although I haven’t made an actual scrapbook page in over five years, I still have a metric shit ton of scrapbooking supplies that I’ve been hauling around from rented house to rented house and jamming into closets and under beds for no good reason whatsoever.

This year I’ve done what I think is a pretty decent job of clearing some of it out. I’ve donated scrapbooking supplies to an organization that works with foster children, dropped countless boxes off to Goodwill, dispersed supplies among friends, and yet I still have stuff that I can’t bear to part with. Because what if I wake up one morning in 2026 and want to make a scrapbook page and I have no 12 x 12 magenta paper with pictures of rainbows, and no paper punch that punches out tiny paper airplanes?! What then?! Ridiculous.

For at least a week, I’ve had a basket of stamps sitting out, thinking maybe I’ll list them on the local garage sale Facebook page or Craig’s List or something and try to recoup a little bit of the money I spent on all of this stuff once upon a time. In the heyday of Stampin’ Up, I swear I spent most of my discretionary income on stamp sets and cardstock, most of which I never used even once.

Instead of actually finding a new home for these supplies, what I did was pass by that basket and glance at it so many times that I started to think, hey…I could use those stamps on fabric…ewwwww…I could stamp on fabric and then embroider over the lines…

stamping fabric 2



I actually think this is a pretty damn good idea with a lot of possibilities. I think it would be especially helpful for newbie embroiderers, as the lines are clear and easy to follow. I should make some kits. Should. But probably won’t. In all likelihood, what will happen is that the basket of stamps I’ve already decided I’m willing to part with will sit in my living room for a few more weeks before I get sick of tripping over it, and then I’ll drop it off at Goodwill.

Or I might set up a destash sale on Instagram.

Oh bloody hell. I’ll probably just shove it all back in my closet. Who am I kidding? See ya in 2026, stamps! ;-P


3 thoughts on “Destashing is hard, people.

  1. I feel you. It was really hard, but I cleaned up my stash to just things I could use with Project Life and Christmas. Just waiting on a quiet, league-free weekend to get my scrapping ball rolling again (hurry up, September!!!)

  2. Destashing is hard. I’ve done a little, but still have a walk in closet that is mostly crafting supplies that needs a serious destash. Love the idea of embroidering the stamped fabric!

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