September’s Finished Object

With the start of the fall school semester, I got a bit behind on my monthly wip finishes, but I’m catching up! Archer was August’s, so we’ll call this one September’s, which means I still have almost three weeks to finish October’s. πŸ™‚

This hoop started out as a way to use up small lengths of leftover floss, and I really like the way it came together.

unravel me

It was inspired by an old Sarah McLachlan song, “Black and White.” I always get the itch to stitch while listening to music, so it’s nice to finish a lyric-inspired hoop for once.

Sadly, I tried to wash out the pencil lines and the color from the red embroidery floss bled onto the white background. It’s not super noticeable, but it violates my perfectionist tendencies. lol. The worst part is that there are still visible pencil lines. Oh well. This one is just going on my own wall at home, so I suppose it’s good enough for who it’s for, as my dad would say.


6 thoughts on “September’s Finished Object

  1. I think the happy accidents of color bleed and pencil lines give this piece a very “art journal” feel. I think it looks great, and I love the multi-color satin stitch.

    • I didn’t keep track of how long the whole thing took–it started as something I just lazily stitched at here and there when I was in between other projects. I think if I had worked on it from start to finish without stopping, it would have been a pretty quick project, despite all the satin stitch!

  2. It’s quite lovely, and I didn’t notice the bleeding either. It’s a great stash-busting project! From one stitcher to another – I just started using the pilot frixion pen for my embroidery and it has changed my life. It comes out with a hot iron, so no more spritzing to get the water soluble ink to disappear. I really love it. Give it a shot, if you dare.

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