This is a crummy commercial.

I’m certainly not the first person to think of cross stitching QR codes. There’s a great how-to at this blog, if you’d like to read about how to make your own. Unfortunately, I didn’t find that link until AFTER I had mine completely stitched up, but the process is really a pretty easy one.

Pritts and I were taking an evening walk on Sunday, and I don’t remember how the subject of QR codes even came up, but I thought it would be really funny to use one to stitch up some inane saying as a joke. If you’re a fan of A Christmas Story, you might also find it funny, and If you’ve never seen the movie, it probably won’t make any sense at all. lol

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I happen to LOVE A Christmas Story, and I quote and reference it all year long, not just in December. I’m one of those people who is pretty much constantly using dialogue from films in everyday conversation. Anything from The Emperor’s New Groove to Super Troopers is likely to come out of my mouth at any given moment, even if I know the person I’m talking to has never seen the movie and won’t get the reference, because dammit, I think I’m hilarious, and cracking myself up is what counts.

Now that I think about it, our Sunday evening walk was to get pie from a local greasy spoon diner, and I did the “I’ll have what she’s having” line when someone at a table across the room started laughing hysterically. Pritts suggested I may need to dust that joke off a bit, but again, I amused myself, and that’s what’s important, right? 😉

But back to QR codes: the really cool thing about these is that you can have them link to pretty much anything you want–YouTube clips, URLs, simple text, photos, anything you can think of. There are some great possibilities. Here’s a pretty cute example of a Christmas gift via QR code: sunbright gift.

And if you have trouble figuring out how to make a pattern, or if you just don’t want to mess with it, Acts of Craftiness (whose awesome work I recently discovered on Instagram) will design the pattern for you. These really are great pieces for beginners, as the patterns are easy to follow and relatively quick to stitch up.

If, by chance, you share my dumb sense of humor and would like to stitch up the QR code I designed, you can download that pattern for free from Craftsy. Just click HERE. 🙂