Throwback: Perler Beads

I’ve been thinking for awhile that Eliot would enjoy perler beads, since they seem to be a close cousin of Legos and Minecraft–just the idea of building things from blocks or pixels. We visited my mom’s this week, and as it turns out, she had a ton of perler beads and plates leftover from when my little sister was mad about them.

perler beads

Eliot’s first creation was a tank. We glued a magnet on the back and now it lives on our refrigerator.

perler tank


So far, he has enjoyed the thrill of watching his creations fuse together, and he has suffered the sweet agony of upsetting the plate and sending tiny beads flying everywhere, thereby destroying an nearly completed masterpiece. *sigh* Such are the highs and lows of the crafting life.

bead making

So far, he’s created a tank, airplane, police car, tree, and an iPod. 🙂

As far as my crafting life, I’ve hit a slump. I’ve taken on too many hobbies this summer, and now that it’s almost time for me to turn back into a comp instructor (August 25th is the first day of fall semester classes!), I’m not sure where my priorities will lie. Definitely keeping up with the Sheroes embroidery series, hoping to finish one portrait per month. Embroidery is still my main craft love. And I’m still planning on finishing at least one WIP per month, even though I haven’t touched Archer yet. Shhhh! It’s only the 6th! Plenty of time. Plenty of time.

I kind of feel like I have a million perler beads in the air, flung there, hanging on pause, and now I have to choose which ones to try to catch before they scatter to the winds. Oh well. I suppose at least it’s a pretty mess.