Work I Admire Wednesday: Sambalou32

I have a major craft crush on Samantha Louise, an embroidery artist from the UK. She uses free motion machine embroidery to create stunning pieces of artwork.

I discovered her on Instagram, and quickly found myself hearting practically every picture she posted. I love her work so much. Naturally, I was crazy excited when she launched her own website earlier this month. If I could stop being poor for five minutes, I’d own a piece of her artwork for my bedroom wall.

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Stripy socks

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I only recently started scouring Instagram for other embroidery artists, and I have to say, that place showcases a wealth of talent. Simply search #embroidery, #embroideryart, and the like, and you’ll find a wide array of contemporary stitchers sharing their work.

If the piece I’m admiring most on Sambalou’s website is still available when I get paid this week, then it’s so mine. I’ll gladly cut back on the groceries for one of those beauties. 😉

Meanwhile, work continues on Maya Angelou and rainbow granny squares. I’m hoping to have the Maya Angelou portrait piece finished by Friday, but that might be wishful thinking. We shall see. I already know what shero I’m planning to stitch up next, and I’m anxious to get her started. I have a habit of getting ahead of myself.