Finished Objects

I was pretty productive over the weekend on the crafting front. I finished my tote bag/purse, and I’m really happy with it. It was surprisingly easy to make, and I actually enjoyed the process. I even ran out of bobbin thread, wound a new bobbin, replaced it, and kept on sewing without running screaming from the room.

my purse

finished purse inside

I would use  this pattern again in a heartbeat. I like the shape of the bag, and the straps are long enough to sling it over my shoulder and carry it the way I like to carry bags. I hate when the straps are too short. Next time I might get brave and try to add pockets to it. It could definitely use at least one inner pocket. My Ruth Bader Ginsburg portrait is also finished and has been listed in my Etsy shop:


I also got my next portrait pattern transferred to fabric and started stitching it. She’s another strong female role model and hero of mine. I’ll show you on Wednesday. Any guesses?